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Passages…through grief  Recovery Program

The Passages…through grief six-week Grief Recovery Program provides an opportunity to identify grief, learn about its effects and provide “tools” to use for healing.  The unconditional support found in the group will provide the encouragement to work on healing current and unresolved losses.


Passages Weekly Program Focus:

  • Week One: recognizing your loss(es), identifying your responses to grief, the myths and realities of grief, learning about the process of grief, how to take small steps into your grief recovery

  • Week Two: the erratic “waves” of grief’s pain, understanding the normalcy of grief, recognizing the strengths and weakness you bring to grief, identifying the beginning, middle and end of grief

  • Week Three: identifying grief cliches, healthy vs. unhealthy grief relievers, pinpointing stress, dealing with holidays, recognizing the variety of losses you have had across the years

  • Week Four: dealing with hard feelings such as anger and guilt, reviewing the relationship you have had with what was lost, the most useful ways to deal with your grief

  • Week Five: completing the “unfinished business” of your loss, understanding forgiveness and its value, how to release painful feelings and memories

  • Week Six: reviewing your knowledge, making declarations to yourself that provide control and release


Program manuals (2) offer guidance for the participant and for leading a group. 


If you are unable to attend a workshop, the Participant’s Manual may be used individually.

Current Programs



Interested in participating in the Passages program? The next program session starts September 2024.  Don't want to wait that long? Reach out to us!


Registration required.

Thursdays (starting September 19, 2024.) from 6:30-8:30 p.m.


Zoom link will be provided upon registration.


Cost: $75.00



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