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Want to lead your own Passages...through grief Program?

We offer a variety of trainings on the following subjects. Additional topics are available upon request to meet your requirements. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your training needs. 






Our creators are available to provide one and two-day training sessions on leading the Passages...through grief Recovery Program with the following goals:



  • Developing a clear understanding of grief and a trust in the healing process

  • Grounding in the mindset and framework of Passages 

  • Recognizing the courage of grievers and engaging them in the work of healing grief

  • Being supportive and responding to questions about working with grievers

  • Guidance in effectively using the program materials  

Leadership Training for Grief Recovery Workshops 
Myths and Realities of Grief
We explore a variety of myths about grief that we've all heard. By the ending of this training, you will have gained a realistic perspective of how to heal after a loss and how important it is to take one small step at a time.
Effective Healing 
We must move beyond cliche phrases like, "time heals all wounds." In this training, you'll learn how to identify grief responses. We will delve into proven ways to tackle the healing process and how to effectively work toward leading a life not dominated by grief.
Grieving the Unloved
Many relationships are difficult and complex. So how do you deal with grief after the loss of a difficult relationship or person?  Learn to understand common responses and take the necessary steps needed to forgive and heal.
Supporting Grieving Children and Teens
In this session, we recognize the special needs of grieving young people.  Through this training, you will acquire useful skills as well as learn about specific activities that encourage healing.
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