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Working Through Grief Tool Kits
When we grieve, healing comes from time and doing.

Working Through Grief Kits provide activities to support healing.

Included are supplies and directions for recognizing and releasing feelings, dealing with stress, retaining valuable memories, and supporting the spirit.

Three age-appropriate kits are available for children, teens and adults.

For those who care about the grievers in their lives, a Working Through Grief Kit is a tangible gift that outlasts flowers and can make a real difference.



This kit is for you… with helpful hints and things to do to

change a sad and angry you to a better and gladder you!


The kid's kit, for ages 3 or older, comes in a blue drawstring backpack and includes age appropriate ideas and directions.


Some of the items included are:

• A feelings chart to find and name feelings
• Supplies to draw and write to express thoughts and feelings
• A calming breathing exercise
• Items to use for stress release and anger reduction

• A worry stone that fits perfectly in a pocket to take along

• A box for saving special items


$35.00 including S&H

Working Through Grief Tool Kits for Kids


This kit is to help you recognize how you are feeling and give you ways to “do your grief” to get out of the pain.

The teen’s kit is presented in a two-toned drawstring backpack and includes the following items, and more:

• Supplies for drawing to release and express feelings

• A personal notebook for recording experiences and feelings
• Supplies to relieve stress and achieve calm
• Ways to deal with worries
• A feelings chart to help identify feelings
• A container for special memory items

$35.00 including S&H

Working Through Grief Tool Kit for Teens


The activities in this kit will lead you to “doing things” that will offer recognition of your feelings, the opportunity to have some control of your thoughts, release the painful and retain the valuable.

The adult kit, presented in a canvas bag, includes the following items:
• Instructions and supplies to lead to stress release and quiet
• Writing and art supplies to recognize and gain control of feelings
• Items for keeping symbolic memories
• Guides to let go of unneeded feelings, events and memories
• Tools to nourish and care for yourself

Working Through Grief Tool Kit for Adults

$35.00 including S&H
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