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Passages...through grief Testimonials

Thoughts on the Passages...through grief  Program from participants-

It is a very worthwhile experience, if you are willing to do the work. In fact, it can be life-changing.

I am better for this experience.

A wonderful program that is very useful to anyone faced with grief.

It was very helpful to be in the group with people going through different losses. We can all learn from each other’s experiences.

It’s tremendously healing and helpful.

I wish I had this information years ago. It would have made my life less painful.

Useful in confronting difficult issues that you’d prefer to avoid. It forces you to push yourself – so you can progress through the grief process more deeply and fully and thus more healthily.

It is a “have to” following any deep loss.

It was very, very helpful. I’m so blessed to have been there.

It was a good course … difficult… courageous…healing. It’s all about the process. I hate the process.

It made me face the hurt of grief and begin to heal.

By working to continue to let go of my grief, long and short term, I have now been able to achieve a peace of mind that I have never known before.

My therapist is very grateful to you for helping me to deal with and move past the grief that she and I have struggled with.



When I think of Passages… through grief  I will remember-

• How well structured and caring the group was. I absolutely loved it.

• That it was a way to spring board out of my grief and into a new me. I’ve got tools to tackle other changes in my life.

• That I was helped to move from my “stuckness” and sadness very quickly.

• The true progress I made in 6 weeks thanks to the guidance and support I received.

• Working through and finishing some of my most lingering griefs.

• Humor, tears, friendship and my ultimate ability to let go of some of the pain in me from the past.

• The ways to release grief, guilt, regret

• How helpful it was. How it gave my life back.




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