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Passages...Through Grief: Participant’s Manual

Passages...Through Grief: Participant’s Manual

Passages … Through Grief: Healing Life’s Losses Participant’s Manual
By Mary Ann Lippincott, Ph.D., Susan H. Williams, GC-C

We experience any number of losses through death, relationships, health, or community. Usually, we feel alone in our grief. It doesn’t have to be that way. Dr. Mary Ann Lippincott and grief counselor Susan H. Williams have designed a program called Passages …through grief, a healing process that helps the bereaved respond to loss. This manual, Passages … through grief, follows the program and is designed for group members and individuals who want guidance in healing. This book helps those grieving all kinds of life’s losses. Lippincott and Williams offer helpful, practical, step-by-step guidance and counsel with compassion and knowledge of this vital, intricate, and complicated process. Exercises and reflections aid in identifying and facing the many tumultuous feelings that arise during grief.
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