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Passages …Through Grief Leader’s Guide

Passages …Through Grief Leader’s Guide

Passages …Through Grief Leader’s Guide: Healing Life’s Losses
By Mary Ann Lippincott, Ph.D., Susan H. Williams, GC-C

We experience any number of losses through death, relationships, health or community. Usually we feel alone in our grief. Passages…through Grief offers ways to respond to our loss with a healing process. This Leader’s Guide is for use in a group setting. The companion for individual group members is Passages…through grief Participant’s Manual.

Materials are provided to guide leaders in the 6-week program, group management, supports, and marketing. Leaders encourage grievers in healing though small steps:

understanding grief and why we grieve the way we do;
recognizing and dealing with the difficult feelings like guilt, anger, and forgiveness;
developing skills for self-care;
letting go of tough memories and feelings; and
retaining valuable memories.

Time alone does not heal – we can use time to do the work that brings healing.
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